Party Boats for Unique and Memorable Events

Passenger boat parties and river borne events are popular in Walton Thames, Surrey. Five different vessels can be rented out to cater several occasions. They can be for a peaceful private sightseeing trip with friends and family or they can be for boat parties with a fully licensed bar, disco with all catering needs. Live band music and all party needs can even be provided. Unique events and parties have been celebrated on these special boats and gaining more popularity everyday.

One of the favorites is the Southern Comfort boat which offers a great sense of fun when rented for parties. Imagine the Jazz Band wearing striped jackets as the guests are sipping their Pimm’s on the deck on top. A classic experience while the boat gently cruises the riverside past along classic homes and beautiful scenery. And if the weather allows it tables and parasols can be placed in the top deck to make it a more unique party. Inside guests can be seated for formal meals up to 60. While in a buffet style meal capacity can go to 110 individuals. With a portable disco floor and an area for DJ’s makes it a truly fun and exciting party. A fully stocked licensed bar is available also that ensures more fun in any party. It is offered with a great value and the event organizer can even let the boat travel to ones preferred location.

The Pink Champagne is one of the smaller boats available but probably one of the most favorite. It is ideal for a party of up to 40 individuals and for the small and intimate gathering she can accommodate up to 24 persons inside the lower part saloon. It is only 51 feet in length but due to its smaller size it can sail to those smaller embankments or riverside gardens where most boats can’t reach. But even with its smaller size it is still a suitable place to do dancing with either a disco DJ or a live band.

There is also a multi deck vessel available called the Walton Lady. It is designed for sightseeing tours and also functions. A fully carpeted saloon has available dining tables with upholstered seating and even a well stocked bar. Large windows give great panoramic views. In the upper deck it is ideal for passengers to do sightseeing and it can easily be converted into a dance floor. In case of bad weather the awning can be used and it can be fully weatherproof. It is rolled back if fine weather with the optional side screens if needed. It is fully heated for cold climates and even has 240 volt power available for use in disco equipments and other gadgets. This vessel can accommodate 15 to 80 guests for social functions and even corporate events.

Another available vessel is the Walton Monarch which is a very versatile and multi-deck boat. It is designed for different functions and has a lower saloon which is fully carpeted. With a bar, upholstered seating and tables and the upper deck forms are carpeted also. Which offers a fine viewing lounge that gives a large view and the front deck can be a dance area.

The last of the fleet is the Walton Jester, designed for smaller parties for 12 to 45 persons but it can comfortably seat 70 passengers for only sightseeing tours. Offering the same interior class and comfort as the other vessels makes it a very suitable choice for elderly and disabled persons. This is because it only has one level of platform.

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